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Musicians Needed

Would you like to be involved with a group with a varied and active bookings list?

Black Swan are an established Border Morris side with a full and varied calendar; we are currently looking for lively musicians to join our fun side.

We have performed at numerous local events as well as larger events like The British Museum, various folk festivals, the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, Hastings Jack in the Green (every one since 2014), the London metal coalition, Wassails and various other calendar event etc. 

As a Black Swan musician you will get the opportunity to play at many and various venues, free or subsidised entrance to folk festivals and other events. We often camp as a group at away gigs.

There is scope for expansion of our mainly traditional tunes, and the opportunity to add to our fast moving repertoire as we add two or three new dances each season.

Do you have what it takes to create a fast rocky folk sound for our performances? 

We will consider all instruments.

Check out our events for the year on the home page. 

We will be dancing at Cryer Folk on 16th July from 7pm if you would like to come along and meet us  or contact us via the contact listed.

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